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As a newly qualified celebrant, I am very proud to share with you, snippets of what others say about me. This page is still in the ‘growth and development’ stage. Over time I will continue to add ‘excerpts’ from my happy clients:
Val is an incredibly passionate and caring person who understands implicitly the value she can add to others. Her relationship skills, empathy and understanding is beyond doubt. I have witnessed her dedication to this new career over the last few months with her relentless pursuit of her studies, her enthusiasm and the great importance she places on the ceremonies she performs. Val clearly understands what an honoured role it is to be an integral part of the marriages she performs.

There is absolutely no doubt that Val is a considerate and empathetic person who applies high standards of integrity in everything she does. Her ethical and moral compass was obviously well instilled from a young age and she has lived her life always thinking of how she can help others.
Doreen Lehmann
Director/Finance Specialist, Limitless Lending Solutions
I believe Valerie displays personal integrity along with personal standards. I have known Valerie to be non-judgemental and respectful of others. I believe Valerie is very understanding of people in general and shows great care and respect of all individuals. Valerie is well spoken and I believe she would make people feel at ease in a marriage ceremony. Valerie has been involved in volunteer work from service clubs to her current volunteer work with local patient transport of vulnerable sick people to either hospitals or other specialist appointments patients required. I am also aware of her high level of support of a personal friend who was terminally ill. Valerie's support of this person was above and beyond.
Lloyd Taylor